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Creative mind…

The best time for me to set my creative mind loose is when I’m on my bike. Once I start pedaling at a steady pace, I fall into a trancelike state and my brainwaves fire up to full capacity. What at first might have been a jumble of thoughts and ideas, suddenly starts taking a more definite shape. Sentences explode in my brain and spread rapidly through a complex connection of wires and neurons towards my fingers, making them itch because they feel a deep need to write, to keep up with my mind.

These fingers know that once I get off the bike, life takes over, mundane tasks that need to be dealt with but that get in the way of my still fired up mind and my itchy fingers. The ideas start to frizzle one by one until there is nothing left but a distant memory. Like waking up from a wonderful dream; you try to hold on to it, you can almost taste it at the tip of your tongue before it quietly slips away into nothingness.

When I finally sit down to write, my fingers feel stiff, almost as if the wait made them lose all flexibility. I crack my knuckles, close my eyes and take a deep breath exhaling slowly, releasing the tension in my neck, shoulders and arms, all the way to my fingers. I visualize myself on my bike again, imagine pedaling into that zone, wait for the words to come. I position my fingers lightly on the keyboard and let them fly…

Daily Prompt: Nuance

  Nuance I have a standing discussion with one of my besties. I like to wear outfits that match; for example, even colored pants together with a multi colored blouse, with one of the colors in the blouse matching my pants’ color precisely. She on the other hand, is a firm believer of nuance; the… Continue Reading

Daily Prompt: Conquer

Conquer Today I conquered my fear… I love to write, always have, but my writing has also always been something personal, a secret love affair between me and my pen; or for the last decade or so, between me and my laptop. But recently I decided to take my writing to the next level. By… Continue Reading

Daily promt: Instinct

Animal Instinct I like to think of myself as someone who is in moderately good shape. I might be pushing a certain age (which I’m NOT going to disclose!), but I make it a point to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods (well…except for my occasional dose of cheese-popcorn at the movies and my secret stash… Continue Reading

Daily Prompt: Immerse

Immerse She wades carefully into the water, keeping an eye out for sharp rocks. Once she’s immersed to her hips, she dons her cap, spits into her goggles and rinses them in the gently rolling waves. She slips the clean goggles over her cap and adjusts them to fit snugly over her eyes. With one… Continue Reading

Daily Prompt: Nervous

Nervous I was nervous when I first missed my period; could I be pregnant? I was nervous when I took the home pregnancy test; would it be positive, was the test reliable? I was nervous when my pregnancy was confirmed by my doctor; had I been taking proper care of my body during those first… Continue Reading

Daily Prompt: Swarm

Swarm What do you do with a disobedient dog that weighs at least 60 pounds and thinks he’s a little poodle?! Meet Oliver; a ten-month old Ridgeback/Fila mix that looks like a Shetland pony but thinks he can still hop on your lap for a cuddle! When we first got him, he was barely 8… Continue Reading

The crazy swim

  I am very proud to call myself a member of the ’Crazy Caracasbaai Swimmers’, a tight-knit group of swimmers that considers the Caracasbaai peninsula to be their backyard pool. Through the grapevine we heard that another group of swimmers was organizing a fun 4.5K swim around the peninsula. We immediately asked if we could… Continue Reading

Dalily Prompt: Vivid

Vivid Vivid colors swirling in front of your eyes, Deep oranges, dark greens, bright yellows and translucent blues, Every color of the rainbow, A flower, a butterfly, a bird, the sky, Take a minute to look around you, take in the colors of the world, Use your vivid imagination to savor the colors even more!… Continue Reading