Daily Prompt: Doubt



He morosely clicked on the TV and turned up the volume. He already knew what was coming and yet he sat there listening to what was obvious from just a glance outside the window. The weatherman was gesticulating and pointing wildly up and down the screen while explaining in very technical jargon that, yes, it’s going to be another rainy day. He didn’t give a damn that it was going to be another rainy day, three days ago, he might have still cared, three days ago, he still held hopes of a sudden miraculous change in weather conditions. But not anymore, he didn’t even need the friggin weatherman, a blind donkey could’ve predicted the weather; it’s been raining buckets for over a week with no end in sight. He left the TV on with the stupid weatherman still somberly explaining the reason for so much rain and wandered into the kitchen and grabbed a soda from the fridge. He had so hoped that the rain would abate before Saturday, that’s all he needed, that one rainless Saturday night…was that too much to ask for?! He shook his head, it was hopeless…He lifted the tab and the dark liquid erupted from the can like a volcano, spewing its frothing contents all over his shirt. “SHIT, SHIT, SHIIIIT!” It felt like the entire universe was conspiring against him.

Just then his mother walked into the room and asked in a clueless chirpy tone; “So, Jack…ready for your big first date Saturday night?” Jack just looked at her with sad puppy dog eyes… “I doubt she’ll still want to go out in this stupid weather, we had planned to go to that outdoor concert in the park.”

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