Daily Prompt: Ruminating…part 2 (continuation of last week’s daily prompt: ‘Quicken’)


Ruminating what to do next Anna considers her dismal options. She could go back to the house and stay there until the damn trial starts but that could still be weeks from now. She doesn’t care how big the house is, it’s still a prison to her. It’s just not fair. She didn’t ask for any of this. She was just minding her own business on that fateful night, getting ready to finally head home after putting in too many hours at work.

If only she hadn’t stopped for groceries at the corner market. If only she hadn’t been crouching behind the trunk of her car, trying to lug the heavy bag of dog food from underneath the shopping cart. But all the ‘if only’s’ won’t change the fact that she was there, that she was crouched behind her car and that she heard a muffled scream to her right. It was just pure instinct that made her stay in a crouched position, pull out her phone and dial 911.

The mayhem that ensued was crazy and movie like. It all happened so fast that she still hasn’t been able to wrap her head around it. She’s been in a fog-like state ever since and all she knows for certain is that she’s stuck in a safe house waiting for the case against Eddy ‘The Slicer’ Rossino to start so she can testify against him and finally get her life back.

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