Daily Prompt: Nuance



Nuance 2
No Nuance for me!
Nuance 1
Perfectly color coordinated!

I have a standing discussion with one of my besties. I like to wear outfits that match; for example, even colored pants together with a multi colored blouse, with one of the colors in the blouse matching my pants’ color precisely. She on the other hand, is a firm believer of nuance; the colors don’t need to match exactly, as long as the change in tone is slight. So, of course, I called her as soon as I read today’s word prompt: “Hey girl whazzup! I need your help urgently with a post I want to put on my blog, could you take a selfie, like right NOW and send it to me?!” There was a bit of silence on the other end of the line before laughter erupted. “I’m serious! Today’s word prompt from WordPress is nuance and it immediately reminded me of our shopping adventures, how we constantly argue and debate about whether or not a dark-green striped blouse matches an army-green colored dress pants. Knowing you, you are probably wearing just such an outfit, whereas I’m wearing burgundy pants with a perfectly matching flowered blouse that has the exact shade of burgundy in it. I want to post a picture of the two dress styles and let the bloggers vote on the smarter choice!” She let me finish my entire spiel and started giggling again. “I’m sorry, I’m not making fun of you, I think it’s a wonderful idea for your blog and I would be perfectly willing to help you out but…today is my day off and I’m in the middle of a big cleanup at home so at this exact moment I’m probably wearing the most un-matching-un-nuanced outfit you could possibly imagine, more like a kaleidoscope of shapes and a rainbow of colors!”

Oh well, there goes my chance to win the debate on the better way to combine outfits.

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