My daily prompt meltdown, a timely affair.

Daily Prompt: Timely

I decided it’s finally time to start writing again. It’s been almost three weeks since my fingers caressed my laptop’s keyboard; my hands hover anxiously over the board, fingers itching to run amok over the plethora of letters, commas and exclamation points. The keys feel alien yet wonderful to the touch, I let my mind wander and my digits fly.

I never realized how much work it takes to be a dedicated blogger. I started out full of stamina taking on the daily prompt challenge as a way to ease into the blogging world while also reading other blogs and following a few bloggers to show them my solidarity in this wonderful new world I had just become a part of. I even posted a few blogs totally unrelated to the daily prompt and was feeling pretty damned proud of myself. One month into blogging I suddenly hit a wall, sort of like the one marathon runners frequently talk about; the sudden feeling that you can’t take another step, you’ve reached your max and simply can’t go on. I was completely overwhelmed. The daily prompts just kept on trickling in every day, piling up in my inbox, the prompts staring accusingly at me from the email reference, daring me to click on them. I started deleting everything as soon as it appeared in my inbox. The prompts, stories by the few bloggers I was following; I deleted anything related to blogging as soon as it appeared on my phone screen. I tucked my brand-new laptop, which I had purchased recently as a gift to myself to finally start my dream of writing, at the back of my closet, under a pile of shorts and tried to forget it was there.

But I couldn’t forget and every day I would peek into my closet trying to visualize myself reaching out a hand towards the shorts and grasping the laptop. I just couldn’t get up the courage to actually yank it out of there. So, this morning it finally happened. As I stood there staring at my shorts, my feet suddenly took the two steps necessary to reach the laptop, my hands found their way into the pile and bravely pulled it out; I walked towards my desk cradling the laptop in my arms like a newborn and gingerly set it down. The device looked slick, foreign and familiar at the same time. I sat down, took a deep breath and raised the top…

My three-week hiatus from writing showed me just how much effort and dedication goes into writing. I commend and applaud all those who do it daily either as a hobby or as a career; writing is hard. That’s not to say that I’m giving up on writing any time soon. It’s still my passion, the dream I’m going for. My meltdown was just a temporary snafu. It has thought me to reel myself in a bit, set smaller and realistically attainable goals until I’m ready to let it rip! I’ll get there eventually, in my own time. Meanwhile, kudos to all bloggers out there, you are an awesome bunch…

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