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Daily Prompt: Doubt

Doubt He morosely clicked on the TV and turned up the volume. He already knew what was coming and yet he sat there listening to what was obvious from just a glance outside the window. The weatherman was gesticulating and pointing wildly up and down the screen while explaining in very technical jargon that, yes,… Continue Reading

Daily prompt: Hesitate

Hesitate Hesitate… I hesitate to speak out loud, words I long to say, I hesitate to come to near, afraid you’ll turn away. I hesitate to write to you, how I feel each day, I try instead to show to you, that I’m here to stay. Continue Reading

Daily Prompt: Quicken…

Quicken Anna tries to glance behind her unobtrusively, her heart beating at a furious speed. Even though she doesn’t want to seem in a hurry, she quickens her steps in what she hopes looks like a deliberate and confident manner but she knows that her slight gait will make her increased speed look unnatural. Should… Continue Reading